Online Taxi Service vs Conventional cab

With the progress of technology comes convenience. At this age, we leave behind the old days where we had to wait for a cab to show up. Now, you can easily book a cab just from your phone, instead of waiting on the street for a taxi. Technology has brought this service to our fingertips.

However, most people in the UK still prefer conventional taxis rather than booking an online taxi. Some people think that getting an online cab is more time consuming, and they feel safe in the old ways.

To check what’s best for you, we will be assessing the comparative benefits of online taxis and conventional cabs.


A conventional cab may be available sometimes, but everyone knows that you can’t trust a cab in an emergency or when you are running late. You can end up waiting on the road for a taxi to arrive for who knows how long.

When booking online services, you know for a fact that the taxi will arrive at the given time so that you can leave your house accordingly. Even when you are getting late, you can always book a cab, which takes a few minutes. By doing this, you save a lot of precious time.

2.Safety & Security:

Taxi drivers are supposed to be licensed professionals, and you might not be able to tell that in a conventional taxi. Thus when opting for an online taxi booking service from a reputable company, you don’t have to worry about unlicensed drivers.

You also can report any problem with the drivers, and the company will be held responsible for everything the driver does. The company also provides instructions for drivers to keep the passenger safe and avoid rash driving.


In a conventional cab, you have to wait beside the road, waving tirelessly for a long time. Sometimes, you can get a cab within a few minutes if you are lucky enough. Otherwise, you would have to wait for a taxi for a long time.

However, when you use online taxi booking services, there is no need to shout at the taxi driver to stop or wave your hand. You can mark your pick up and drop off location to ensure that the driver arrives at the exact pinpoint location where you need them to be.

Online taxi service is a convenient and time-saving method of travelling, as you can book a taxi from anywhere and you don’t need to worry about spending most of your time waiting for a cab.

4.Complaint System:

The companies that offer taxi services have a code of conduct strictly implemented on the drivers, which is why cab drivers tend to treat passengers with respect and courteous behaviour.

Although having an unpleasant experience isn’t something that occurs commonly, if it does, you can report a complaint or a review stating the problem, and it will be acted upon. Online cabs have a review option where you can rate the driver and your overall experience.

Final Thoughts:

Online taxi booking services are far better than conventional taxis in every way, as online cabs are a better way to travel in terms of convenience, comfort and security. So, it’s better to use online cabs that save your time and effort.

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