How were taxi companies in the United Kingdom affected by COVID-19?

Considering how massive the impact of COVID-19 was, it took the entire globe in its grasp. Not only were the people, but taxi cab services were also impacted. Not just the United Kingdom, but the entire world was affected too.

COVID-19 brought about massive travel restrictions. For people who had to travel for business trips or vacations, all of these were put aside. Planning any sort of trip outside of your home town was never easy, to begin with, COVID-19 did not help either.

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With everything coming to a halt amidst the pandemic, airports were no different. Every country had a travel ban and people were stuck in their homes and were tired and restless. When things do go back to normal you will have to deal with a hectic travelling situation with everything and everyone in the airport being slow and eagerly not wanting to work. The travellers, however, will want everything to go quicker and you will face a lot of bumps. To ease these bumps while travelling on the road you should consider the services of Black Country Cabs. We pride ourselves in our punctuality and getting you where you need to be safe and sound. Our professional team has the experience and professionalism you require.

Safety Measures.

We have a team full of professional cab drivers and staff. We make sure our customers are valued and to keep the COVID restrictions in check we provide you with material and services which keep you safe. Your ride with us will be safe and smooth.

To keep your safety in check mentioned below are a few precautionary measures that we follow in every ride.

  • To follow the six- feet rule we have divided the driving and seating compartments by a barrier that separates each environment. This will reduce the risk of contraction for both parties.
  • We make sure our drivers follow a strict rule of professionalism and safety. While wearing latex gloves and a mask they will also be maintaining a safe distance from the passenger at all times. Carrying luggage will need assistance which will be provided while still maintaining the six-feet distance. We will provide all of the required services whilst keeping you safe.
  • To keep things as clean as possible we follow a strict regime of cleaning every car before and after the drive. To ensure your safety we follow the strictest precautions and sanitize every handle, light switches, and anything that you may come in contact with.
  • Masks are always available inside the car and if you do not carry one on you we will provide you with one ourselves.
  • To let the airflow be minimised we keep the ventilation system turned off at all times. To let a little air in we can roll down the windows if favoured by the weather.
  • Upon arrival, the driver will provide you with assistance if you carry heavy luggage while being consistent with the safety precautions.

Black Country Cars takes pride in being consistent with its services. We make sure our customers are satisfied and dealt with professionally. We also hold our head up high with the fact that we have never gotten a negative review regarding our services. Our responsibilities have been understood by us thoroughly and we tend to keep things top-notch.

We make sure we deliver what we’ve promised and even go steps further to get better. To get an excellent cab service without any hassle fee free to contact us. You can refer to our website for further details.

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