Taking care of your health and hygiene is essential, especially when the risk is multiplied in this pandemic. It’s tough to keep yourself protected from this virus and requires you to use all the precautionary measures for a better chance of avoiding the virus.

Covid-19 has affected our travelling, as you can’t travel in a taxi without following all SOPs to be safe. Thus the need to travel from one place to another still exists. Here are some Covid-19 preventive measures that will ensure a safer journey in a cab.

1.Wear a mask:

The accessory for you to wear the most in current times is a mask. You can wear a three-ply mask for adequate protection. In the entire pandemic, wearing a mask has been highly enforced, and that’s because it protects you from getting exposed to harmful germs. You are recommended to wear the mask while travelling in a cab, as many taxi companies have imposed this practice due to the global pandemic.

2.Sanitise Frequently:

Keep multiple bottles of sanitisers with you at all times. While travelling, you may not have resources available to wash your hands. In that case, sanitisers can play a crucial role. Hence, it is vital to keep a bottle of sanitiser with you to stay safe and protected during these hard times.

3.Wash Hands:

Washing hands is an excellent way to prevent any germs that might affect you. Other than washing your hands before and after every meal, you should wash them whenever you enter your home from the outside. It is a recommended safety precaution necessary because most of the germs and viruses enter the body through your hands. Thus keeping them clean is a vital task in this pandemic. Being said that, it is essential for you to wash your hands as soon as you leave the car to ensure proper hygiene.

4.Keep a Distance:

You might be already aware of the term “social distancing”, as it values your wellbeing and others by maintaining a safe distance among people. Due to the pandemic, when travelling in a taxi, it is advised to sit in the back seat. Sit diagonally to the driver and try to maintain distance from them. Doing this is vital for your own health and safety.

5.Carry your bags:

You should handle your luggage yourself because the more people touching it will increase the chances of getting more germs. Even though it’s convenient to get your luggage carried by someone else, you should keep in mind the risks that come with it.

Final Thoughts:

Getting out of the house has become a difficult task in this pandemic, lead alone travelling. Covid-19 has made our lives restricted, and we should take every precaution we can to stay safe and healthy. Nevertheless, when it comes to travelling, the option of using public transport like busses and trains is out of the question. Thus leaving the better option of using cabs.

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